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    Exclamation VA: Toss your tickets

    Editorial from Washington Times:

    Fortunately, there is some good news for motorists who might receive a ticket in the mail after toodling through Old Town. As The Washington Times reported four years ago, state law says a private company may not simply drop a ticket in a mailbox and expect it to be considered valid service. Unless a driver receives a hand-delivered copy, the citation can be thrown away without consequence. Depriving Alexandria and its revenue-collecting partner of cash is the surest way to ensure this unsafe program disappears for good.
    Washington Times - EDITORIAL: Toss your ticket

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    Default Re: VA: Toss your tickets

    That may not sound like much of a difference, but "85 percent of all citations occurred within 1.30 seconds of the signal changing to red" at Gibbon Street, according to a 2005 VTRC report.
    Of course they overlook the cheapest, simplest and most effective solution................add an extra second to the yellow interval. Unfortunately, that simple solution doesn't generate revenue.



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