Police to enforce traffic laws

Published: 11/07/2009 at 12:00 AMNewspaper section: News Violators of traffic regulations will no longer escape scot free under a fresh police campaign on road safety.
The Traffic Police yesterday launched a traffic awareness campaign to ensure road and pedestrian safety, traffic police chief Weerapat Tansrisakul said.
The campaign was launched out of concern that more and more road users were violating traffic rules to the detriment of others.
Pol Maj Gen Weerapat said the initiative aimed to raise public awareness of road safety and enforce compliance with traffic rules to reduce fatalities on roads and ease traffic congestion.
Under the campaign, the traffic law would be strictly enforced for road users who flouted the rules, Pol Maj Gen Weerapat said.
For example, drivers risk up to a 1,000 baht fine if they fail to stop their car for pedestrians at a zebra crossing while pedestrians face up to a 200 baht fine if they do not use the crossings, he added.
The first leg of the campaign will kick off on Wednesday at the Asoke-Mitramaitree zebra crossing to put the public on alert for their safety through the use of pedestrian crossings.