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    Default FL HP Fired For Not Writing Enough Tickets

    FHP trooper: I was fired for not writing enough tickets - Bay News 9

    BAY NEWS 9 -- A Florida Highway Patrol trooper says he was fired for not writing enough traffic tickets. "I believe I was terminated because I didn't write enough tickets," said former trooper Chris Maul. Maul worked for the FHP for 12 years before leaving for six months. After he came back to the FHP he was on a routine probation period.

    Maul made 44 arrests in May, including four for DUI, and his quarterly evaluation from his direct supervisor said, "keep up the good work." But shortly after the evaluation a captain called him into his office. "I was brought to an office and I was told my activity was not going to cut it if I wanted to get off probation," Maul said. Maul was terminated in June. He is appealing that termination.

    The director of the Troop C 's Police Benevolent Association, Frank Burke, believes Maul should get his job back. "We feel like that the termination was based solely on activity," Burke said. "We feel like (activity) is a code word for citations, which is in violation of Florida state statues regarding a quota system."

    Florida Highway Patrol captain Mark Welch said he couldn't discuss the details of the case because of possible litigation. But he said Maul was not meeting the expectations of the agency as a probationary employee. Welch also said the agency doesn't have a quota.

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    Default Re: FL HP Fired For Not Writing Enough Tickets

    Whether they admit it or not I believe there is a mandatory minimum amount of tickets to be written in a given period of time. They may call it by another name, but I really do think it's there.

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    Default Re: FL HP Fired For Not Writing Enough Tickets

    Some of the most popular lies:

    "Of course I'll respect you in the morning."
    "The check is in the mail"
    "I'm from the government and here to help you"
    "The (tax/price/working hours) increase is only temporary"
    "There are no ticket quotas"
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

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    Default Re: FL HP Fired For Not Writing Enough Tickets

    Police department are all about money. That messed up the way the just write everyone tickets that not right.



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