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    Default VT - Chief Charged With On-Duty DUI

    VERGENNES, Vt. --

    Vermont State Police said Tuesday they are charging Vergennes Police Chief Michael Lowe with driving under the influence after he drove his cruiser into a parked car last month.
    "The results of the toxicology tests confirmed the presence of prescription medication in Chief Lowe's blood system. Chief Lowe has been cited into court for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and is to appear in Addison District Court on August 10, 2009," an e-mail from Vermont State Police Station Commander Bruce Melendy says.
    Lowe was under investigation by the Vermont State Police for his involvement in an automobile accident in June in which the cruiser he was driving struck a parked car on School Street in Vergennes, police said.

    In a press conference last month, state police said Lowe was showing signs of impairment at the time of the accident and admitted to police he was taking prescription drugs that were prescribed to him.
    Vergennes Police Chief May Be Charged With DUI
    "We have the statements that he was taking prescription medication, he showed signs of impairment and he was evaluated by a drug recognition expert," said Capt. Donald Patch, of the Vermont State Police, at the June press conference.
    Police said they processed Lowe for DUI at the time, but did not charge him pending toxicology results. Police said they wanted to know if Lowe was taking the drugs within prescribed limits.
    Lowe was off duty and turning onto Park Street from Maple Street when his cruiser hit the left rear end of the parked car, police said. The parked car was unoccupied, and Lowe was uninjured.
    Lowe acknowledged in May that there were shortcomings in his department's record-keeping regarding whether he and other members of his department had completed the firearms and first aid training courses needed to stay certified as law enforcement officers.

    Vermont Chief Charged With On-Duty DUI: Internal Affairs News at

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    Default Re: VT - Chief Charged With On-Duty DUI

    psh wats it matter there isnt nething in VT neways



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