Jefferson County sheriff opens jail to public as bed and breakfast

11 hrs ago

By Ashley Yarchin
KSDK -- You don't need to be arrested in Jefferson County to spend a night behind bars. For one night only, the jail will double as a bed and breakfast in an effort to raise money for new inmate accommodations.
"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer.
It's a chance to get past the barbed wire, behind the heavy duty doors and inside the Jefferson County Jail, on your own accord.
"I mean, we're never going to have the chance to do this again simply because it's always going to be full of inmates," the sheriff said.
Right now the county lock-up is well past capacity at roughly 200 inmates, but can only comfortably house 120. While the addition adds an extra 148 beds, Boyer hopes the public will help bail him out when it comes to cash for new blankets, mattresses and toiletries.
Sheriff Boyer is extending an offer at $50 a person or $90 a couple to spend the night in the brand new military-style digs.
"It allows us to educate the public on how a jail operates, how their tax dollars are spent," he said. "It allows us to generate some funding to support the jail."
Of course, it is considered to be a bed and breakfast, but you can also have a jail-style dinner there, too, if you are willing.
"Don't, the food stinks," said former inmate Christina McArthur. "It sucks. It really, really sucks."
Although she didn't love the food, McArthur sees the possibility of your voluntary 24-hour sentence as a good thing.
"At least give it a try, yeah, it's going to help it where people don't sleep on the floor, maybe the food will be better, yeah, do it," she added.
While you will wear a striped uniform, have a few meals and get your mug shot taken, the sheriff said it's not that bad.
"Anybody that's worried about having a criminal record when they leave Saturday morning, those fears are unwarranted," he joked.
And there's no get-out-of-jail-free card there, but you can pay $10 extra to bail yourself out early.
"Come down and spend the night at the sheriff's bed and breakfast. We'd love to have you. We always keep the light on for you," Boyer said.
The bed and breakfast opens Friday, July 31, to anyone 18 and over. After participants leave the following day, the inmates will move in.
For more information on how to sign up for the fundraiser, call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department at 636-797-5521.