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Posted: 7:04 PM Jul 22, 2009
Last Updated: 8:32 PM Jul 22, 2009
Reporter: Lauren Zakalik
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Construction zones. Construction workers. Speed limit changes.
Do You Speed In Construction Zones When Workers Are Not Present? Yes No
It could all make your head spin.
But if you're not paying close attention to all of the above, get ready to pay the price-- literally.
"This would be a $135 fine," says Sgt. Leith Curtis of the LPD, pointing out a driver who is cutting through a parking lot.
Curtis says they're making a concentrated effort to catch drivers breaking laws, like cutting through parking lots to avoid construction and ignoring signs at night, because MDOT is giving them extra money to do such patrols.
"Most violations we see now involve speed. People are not aware that it's posted at a lower speed," he says of the construction zones.
And people are breaking the law. LPD says that Wednesday morning, in a span of just two hours at the Cedar/Saginaw/Larch area, they ticketed nearly 25 people for breaking some sort of rule when it comes to driving in construction.
"People are frustrated enough by the amount of construction that they're trying to find ways to make the commute more convenient," Curtis says.
And-- let's admit it-- these signs can be confusing, but it's pretty basic. Sgt. Lance Cook of the Michigan State Police clears it up.
"The speed limit is 60 or 70, or whatever it's posted, but drops to 45 mph when workers are present," Cook says.
If you're still feeling cavalier and decide to bust the rules, get ready not only to pay double the fines, but your driving record will feel it, too.
"It adds one point above and beyond a normal zone," Cook says.
And just because construction zones might not be active at night doesn't mean you can speed; you still have to obey the speed zones.