Tucson Police upping traffic enforcement
Tucson Police upping traffic enforcement

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Tucson Police are targeting aggressive drivers at four major intersections: Golf Links and Wilmot, Broadway and Kolb, Midvale and Valencia, Broadway and Campbell. An $80,000 grant will pay for the extra enforcement through September.
Armed with laser speed guns, officers are pulling drivers over one by one. Their goal is to make Tucsonans aware of bad habits that can cause accidents or even kill.
Sergeant Jerry Skeenes is targeting violations such as speeding, aggressive driving, following to close, failure to yield, and driving while impaired.
"Deaths from collisions are as high, or higher than violent crimes in the U.S. every year," says Sergeant Skeenes.
So to reduce crashes, police are targeting four intersections notorious for aggressive driving.
Jason Wheeler lives near Broadway and Campbell and thinks the $80,000 grant is being put to good use.
"Red light running is pretty bad," says Wheeler. "What bothers me is the slower speed limits. I have no problem with them enforcing those speed limits if that's what they are."
Andrew Morgan also lives near the intersection, "I think it's a good idea, people are going noticeably slower, the speed limit isn't what people think it is on this stretch of Broadway."
Using what they call wolf pack deployment, six to 10 officers will saturate one of the four intersections on any given day through September.
"With the idea of creating high visibility to encourage more people to comply with the laws," says Sergeant Skeenes.