Lawsuit Dismissed Against American Traffic Solutions in Missouri; Another Court Win in Favor of Red-Light Camera Programs

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - (Business Wire) The U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Missouri dismissed all remaining claims in a lawsuit against the City of Arnold, Missouri, and American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS), confirming the legality and constitutionality of Missouri’s red-light camera programs. The comprehensive ruling in Kilper, et al. v. City of Arnold, Missouri, et al., (4:08cv0267 TCM) further validates other cases across the United States in stating that photo-enforcement programs are constitutional public safety programs. Today’s ruling is consistent with a January ruling by the Seventh Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals, affirming the constitutionality of red-light photo-enforcement programs (No. 08-1363 decided 1/5/2009).
“We have long held that this lawsuit was frivolous, and we are pleased that the U.S. District Court of Eastern Missouri has confirmed this fact. This opinion further negates unfounded claims against red-light camera safety programs and confirms the legality, constitutionality and safety benefits of photo enforcement,” said James Tuton, President and CEO of American Traffic Solutions. “Red-light camera safety programs successfully modify driver behavior by increasing compliance with traffic laws. These programs have proven to improve safety on the roadways by reducing red-light running, which causes unnecessary crashes, injuries and deaths.”
The U.S. District Court held that the ordinance allowing for the City of Arnold’s red-light camera safety program “…has a legitimate, non-punitive, public safety purpose. Moreover, the use of red light cameras and related proceedings are rationally connected to the valid public safety purpose of reducing traffic accidents at traffic light intersections.” The court further held that because enforcement of a red-light camera ordinance is a civil proceeding, issuing notices of red-light violations to the owner of the vehicle did not violate due process or wrongfully shift the burden of proof.
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American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is a leading provider of technology and business solutions for traffic safety and electronic toll collection programs worldwide. ATS serves more than 170 municipalities and government agencies across North America with photo-enforcement safety programs such as red-light and speed camera programs. Among the company’s larger municipal clients are New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, St. Louis, Houston, Seattle and San Diego. ATS also offers PlatePass®, which is an automated electronic toll payment service that enables rental vehicle customers to use high speed, cashless electronic toll lanes. ATS is a private corporation headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. For more information visit:, or

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