A Photo Radar
in A Tourist Town
Polish Communities Take To Photo Radar To Raise Money

Warsaw, Poland - July 30, 2009 Soon there will be more photo radars in Poland than police as Polish communities install new units in low speed limit areas.
Taking advantage of the fact that Polish drivers are notorious for taking speed limits for suggestions rather than requirements, the communities are raking in extra money.
It costs about 150 thousand zloty to install a radar unit. The community normally gets its investment back in two to three months.
New fixed place units are replacing the portable boxes that were haphazardly and infrequently spotted around communities.
Because the photo radar units are fixed in place, local residents quickly learn where they are and are able to avoid being caught in the speed traps. When a new unit is put on line word goes out and around among the people as they note the flashing red light that accompanies a picture taking.
But tourists and other travelers are more likely to not know where they are and fall into the traps.
According to reports, the ticket fine collection rate for tickets resulting from photo radar operations is near 80% as compared to 60% for human operations. There is no denying that one was the driver of the car when a photo of the driver is in the file.
There is a recent video of the new photo radar units and more about them at Photo Radar On Polish Roads