Village Speeders Targeted By Police In Wakefield

Tuesday August 18, 2009

Police are aiming to put the brakes on speeding motorists in response to concerns for residents in local villages.

Wakefield Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team will be focusing on the problem in Crofton and Havercroft in the next few weeks.

They will be checking speeds of cars travelling through the centre of the villages which have a 30 mph limit and advising motorists accordingly.

Sergeant Jonathan Day, of Wakefield Rural NPT, said: “Local people raise speeding as a regular problem at Police And Communities Together meetings. This is supported by the public confidence surveys that show 61% of those questioned think traffic issues are a problem.

“By taking speed guns out onto the streets and dealing with the offending motorists personally, we are making them aware not just of how fast they are going but how their driving is affecting our local communities.

“The aim is to raise awareness among drivers of the potential dangers that could occur when driving over the speed limit.”