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    Default Watch out on the 401 (& 402 403)

    Looks like there is a initiative to get some more cash flowing into Ontario's coffers, so they are going after the Canadian Autobahn...
    OPP out in force on 400s
    New team to increase police profile and enforcement

    Thursday November 03, 2005
    By Eric Bunnell
    Times-Journal Staff
    LONDON, Ont. -- Like Harry Potter, OPP said Wednesday they are throwing off their cloak of invisibility to get the bad guys on western Ontario's 400-series of highways.
    London-based Western Region provincial police announced yesterday the formation of a 60-member, full-time team of officers and traffic specialists -- the Western Regional Highway Enforcement Action Team -- to increase police presence on the major arteries.
    "No longer will motorists be able to travel for hours without seeing an officer," pledged Chatham-Kent OPP Staff Sgt. John Moffat, who will command the team.
    Members will be drawn from the police service's existing complement. But there will be no reduction in hours OPP spend on local policing, promised Western Region Chief Supt. Bill Dennis.
    Instead, creation of the team means part-time enforcement by many officers from detachments along highways 401, 402 and 403, will become the full-time task of 60 men and women who have volunteered for the job.
    And their co-ordination by a central office will increase efficiency of their efforts, Dennis also said.
    Some discussion :

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    Hey Brand X .....NOW would be a great time to release that " Stealth Puppy" we've all been tallking about.......
    assuming it does what claims to do........ :wink:

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    Sounds like all they need is some of these. And think of all the donuts they save on.



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