Activist Targets Redflex in Chicago – The Cameras are Coming Down

An activist targeted a Redflex technician in the Chicago suburb of Gurnee with a camera of his own this past week. Tom, an opponent of photo enforcement, stopped in a public area to photograph the man working on the machine. Police arrived shortly after the Redflex employee called 911 to report the counter-cameraman, but the end result wasn’t what the automated ticketing tech expected. Tom writes:
I stopped to take pictures of a Redflex red light camera being repaired and the repairman called the police. I was lucky the Gurnee police were very professional and protected my rights to take pictures on public property. It is ironic that Redflex cameras take millions of pictures of unsuspecting motorists every day, but the Redflex repairman calls the police when someone on public property is taking pictures of their equipment and him.
See the rest of the pictures:
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