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    Default TX - New law creates an entirely new department (DMV) to handle car registrations

    Texas Department of Transportation will be transfering it's authority for plates, registration and titling to a new Texas Department of Motor Vehicles that was enacted by law effective September 1st, 2009 and registrations will begin November 1,2009. What's kind of interesting is some other laws regarding plates that will be going in to effect as well, I couldn't find any news articles (or even a mention of the new Department on txdot's website or any official Texas State government website except the legislature's which has the bill that created this new DMV.)

    Texas Legislature Online - 81(R) Text for HB 3097

    Below is a great article on the new license plate info

    New law may bring XL$BIDS 4TXPL8S


    More lawlz - TXDOT redesign a plate and issue it before November 1, 2009? I think they're thinking what I am, that's the DMV's problem now, peace dawg.
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