Operation Protect: MO Highway Patrol to Reduce Fatalities in Work Zones

Paul Schankman FOX2now.com
11:54 AM CDT, August 27, 2009

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SOUTH COUNTY, MO -- (KTVI - FOX2now.com) - A day after a highway workers were injured in a work zone accident, the Missouri Highway Patrol is handing out tickets to drivers who are violating the speed limits in work zones. It's happening on Interstate 44 near Louis Road. The Highway Patrol has done these types of work zone speed enforcements for a number of years to help keep workers in construction areas safe.

Two workers were hurt Wednesday while working on the Blanchette Bridge. Police say an inattentive driver slammed into the back of their pickup truck while they picked up barricades. Both workers suffered mild injuries.

Police say the driver of the car is charged with second degree felony assault and DUI because he was under the influence of prescription drugs.

The Highway Patrol says Thursday's speed zone has been planned for about a month. Before noon, officers had written nearly 100 tickets Thursday.