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    Post AL - Road Construction Workers Worry About Speeding Drivers

    Road Construction Workers Worry About Speeding Drivers

    Jamie McGriff Reporter
    August 27, 2009

    Winchester Road (August 27, 2009)

    HUNTSVILLE - A road crew in Huntsville is worried drivers are going way to fast in construction zones.

    Ray Kamus has safety on his mind said drivers need to slow down. He's worried about not only his safety but the safety of his co-workers.

    "They're my fellow employees I try to take care of everybody," he said.

    His crew is working to expand a portion of Winchester Road, just west of Mooresville Road.

    Kamus said on top of speeding, some drivers are rude, blowing their horns and sometimes giving him the middle finger.

    WHNT-News 19 went out to the area and used a radar gun to see how fast drivers were going. The majority of the 50 drivers or so passing by went faster than the posted 25 mile per hour speed limit.

    Drivers gave reasons for why they either drive fast or slow down.

    For instance, Justin Dycus said there seems to be more construction zones popping up, catching him off guard.

    "I usually forget and keep driving fast," he said.

    While stopping for gas down the street from the construction zone, Joyce Ream said she's careful but others may not be as careful while on the road.

    "Oh yes, they were riding my bumper a while ago, a car was coming down through here," she said.

    For the drivers who pay attention this crew offer thanks, and for drivers going to fast, they ask drivers to give them a "brake".

    WHNT-News 19 took action at got results, from the Huntsville Police Department. A Lieutenant for the north precinct office said officers will be going out to keep an eye on the construction site and write tickets for the next couple of weeks.

    Huntsville Police said if people have problems with drivers speeding in a particular area, they can call 427-5580 and put in a radar request. Once the request is processed officers will come out and track down speeders and write tickets.
    Copyright 2009, WHNT-TV
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    Default Re: AL - Road Construction Workers Worry About Speeding Drivers

    They're more likely to be hurt by their own equipment...

    No excuse to be rude though. Unless a worker blindly steps out in front of you, there's no reason to disrespect the men who are building the roads you drive on.



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