PCPD Enhanced Traffic Efforts Continue
Panama City Police are continuing their traffic enforcement efforts this week. They are hoping to encourage safe driving across the city.
6:26 PM Aug 31, 2009
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The Panama City Police Department has been announcing the locations of its enhanced traffic monitoring for the past six weeks. Police officers want to encourage motorists to be aware of their driving habits.
They are paying attention to drivers who block traffic at intersections, speed, and run red lights or stop signs. Authorities say they choose to inform the public of their traffic monitoring locations because they want to encourage driver awareness on the road.
Sgt. Jeff Becker, with the Panama City Police Department, says, "We would love to get to a point where we never write a citation. I know that people find that hard to believe, why would a police department be announcing where they are, announcing what they're looking for, those kinds of things."
The Panama City Police Department will be at the following locations this week:
Tuesday, September 1: Red Light at U.S. Hwy 231 and U.S. Hwy 77 and Speed Enforcement on 19th Street west of Airport Road and east of Lisenby Avenue.
Wednesday, September 2: Stop Sign at 10th and Beck and Red Light at 15th Street and Lisenby Avenue.
Thursday, September 3: Speed Enforcement on State Avenue North of 23rd and South of Baldwin Road, blocking intersection at U.S. Hwy 231 and Harrison
Friday, September 4: Stop Sign at 19th and Michigan and Speed Enforcement on Harrison Avenue south of 15th Street and North of 7th Street.
The PCPD would also like to remind motorists that school started Monday, August 24. Officers will be conducting enforcement for speed in the school zones.