Edmonton unveils highly-visible photo radar vans

Last Updated: 2nd September 2009, 12:41pm

Sgt. Barb Clover at one of the new photo radar vans. (PERRY MAH/Sun Media)
The city is ramping up efforts to catch lead-footed drivers.
Four "community safe speed vans" – equipped with photo radar — will be rolled out very soon, officials said today.
Unlike traditional photo radar vans, these vehicles will be highly-visible and clearly marked.
The vehicles will be on the lookout for speeders near schools, construction zones and on residential streets.
“Our goal is fewer speed-related incidents and safer streets,” Dan Jones with the city's office of traffic safety, said in a release.
“If that comes at the expense of issuing fewer photo tickets, that’s a good trade off.”
Each van will feature images of Edmontonians who “work here,” “live here” and “play here" — the project's three themes.
It's a partnership between the Edmonton Police Service, school boards and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.