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    Default Ontario's "Racing" Law

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    Default Re: Ontario's "Racing" Law

    okay, not sure what any of that said, I kind of got the idea that they can not create a law that is absolute without taking other things into consideration first like someone mental state. Meaning that if yours nuts this law would not allow you to use that as a possible defense.

    But, I could be completely wrong on that one... Canadian laws are so to odd compared to the US, but US laws get weird too.
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    Default Re: Ontario's "Racing" Law

    I think it's saying that the stunt racing law was overturned because it was in essence just an excessive speeding law with jail time as a punishment, and since you don't have to intend to be speeding to be guilty of it, it was unconstitutional to jail someone for it. Basically, it's unconstitutional to put someone in jail who didn't know he was committing a crime, but it's perfectly constitutional to fine them.

    I guess, at least in Canada, if they don't want "I thought the speed limit was 100 km/h on that stretch" to be a valid defense, they can't jail someone for any degree of speeding. Maybe in Canada it might be hard to prove intent on someone going 30+ mi/hr over the speed limit?

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    Default Re: Ontario's "Racing" Law

    Quote Originally Posted by Reflections View Post
    Amen to that!



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