ISP to target aggressive drivers
Posted: Monday, Sep 21, 2009 - 10:31:30 am PDT
Staff writer

In hopes to reduce traffic hazards, Idaho State Police will be increasing efforts to target and change behaviors of aggressive drivers.
ISP Captain Lamont Johnston said recent research found that more than 70 percent of commercial vehicle crashes were caused by another vehicle, indicating a need for drivers to be more aware of their relationship to other vehicles on the road.

As a result, he continued, ISP implemented a special project to reduce aggressive driving — commonly categorized by failure to signal, following another vehicle too closely, excessive speeding and cutting off another driver — by enlisting help of additional law enforcement.

“This makes a good opportunity to partner up with other agencies,” Johnston explained.

County and local departments are contacted by ISP so they may have participating personnel, he stated, which has generated good interest and compliance.

Those who are caught to be driving aggressively, Johnston said, face fines and court appearances for the given citation or infraction.

ISP has seen an improvement in crash statistics from the year prior to implementing this program, he explained. While it doesn’t necessarily indicate a trend, Johnston added, this bodes well for how effective it will be with on-going usage.

One of the main ways one may avoid aggression on the road, he commented, will be to remain calm and cool-headed.

“Just practice patience,” Johnston stated. “Try not to become stressed with what other people are doing around you.”

Greater precaution must be followed when traveling around trucks and commercial vehicles, he said, because as a consequence of their larger size it takes more time for them to stop and increases the number of blind-spots.

“Give them courtesy of the road, they may not be able to see you,” Johnston continued.

More information about the project, visit the ISP Commercial Vehicle Safety Web site at

“Our main goal is to make the road safer for everybody,” Johnston explained.