State Picks Work Zones For Three Speed Cameras

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Robert Lang

Afternoon rush hour traffic on the Beltway at Charles Street, one of three state highway work zones that will have speed cameras starting Thursday. (Photo by WBAL's Robert Lang)

This speed trailer displays the speed of passing motorist. The SHA says these will be on display in each opf the three state work zones where mobile speed cameras will be placed. (Photo by WBAL's Robert Lang)

Neil Pederson, SHA Adminsitrator, talks about the speed cameras that are being set up in three highway work zones.

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State highway officials have released the list of three state highway construction zones that will have mobile speed cameras, starting tomorrow..
That's when the state's new speed camera law allowing them in state highway work zones and local school zones takes effect.
The Stare Highway Administration says mobile cameras are being used, given limited space in the work zones.
The cameras will be located for the next month on the Baltimore Beltway at Charles Street; I-95 between I-895 and White Marsh Boulevard in Baltimore County; and I-95 between State Routes 198 and 216, along the ICC construction zone in Prince George's County.
Administrator Neil Pederson says the cameras will be in vans parked in the work zones.
Pederson says overhead signs will alert motorists that they are entering a work zone with a camera. There will also be a speed trailer in the work zone that will display the speed of a passing motorist.
Pederson says more locations will be added depending on the results of the pilot. He says using mobile cameras is allowed under the law.
Under the law, the cameras will snap pictures of motorists going at least 12 m.p.h. above the speed limit. Violators will be fined $40, but police will only issue warnings in the first month the cameras are operating.
As for the school zone speed cameras, Baltimore City and Baltimore County are the only jurisdictions that chose to implement the cameras.
Baltimore County will place cameras at 15 different locations. Police Chief Jim Johnson has not released the list of locations. The County Council must also approve a contract with a company that will operate the cameras. Officials hope to have them running by the end of the year.
Baltimore City's first speed camera will be located at Glenmount Elementary/Middle School at Walther and Glenmore Avenues. More zones will be named later.