shkosh police start ticketing speeders on new four-lane bridge

By Doug Zellmer • of The Northwestern • November 4, 2009

Oshkosh police are cracking down on speeders over the new four-lane Wisconsin Street bridge.

Officers have issued 35 citations for speeding on the bridge since police started speed enforcement on Oct. 19, said Sgt. Matt Kroening. He said officers are conducting speed checks on the bridge two or three days a week.
The fastest vehicle cited so far traveling over the Wisconsin Street bridge was clocked at 54 mph, which resulted in a fine of $236.40 and a six point violation on the person’s driving record.
Kroening said four motorists were issued citations Tuesday for going more than 40 miles per hour over the bridge and five motorists were issued citations for speeding today on the new bridge.
“There are also safety issues, especially this time of the year when bridges tend to ice up fast and that makes the road slippery and further decreases the reaction time to stop,” Kroening said.
A one-mile per hour reduction in average speeds translates into a 5 percent reduction in vehicle crashes, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The DOT also reported that speed is a factor in one-eighth of all crashes in the state.
Kroening said speed enforcement on West Ninth Avenue began today. Officers are continuing speed checks on Jackson Street with five citations issued for speeding Tuesday night on the north side street. Speed enforcement on Jackson Street started in early August.
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