Midland Police Department Begins Safety Campaign 11/05/09

Shelley Childers
CBS 7 News
November 5, 2009

Midland, Texas - The Midland Police Department is recruiting its citizens, asking them for help in their effort to make the streets and highways safer.

This safety campaign comes on the heels of a deadly year for car accidents; so far this year there have been 14 deaths, compared to a total of 13 last year.

In October alone three people were killed within ten days in auto crashes, and another three people died last March.

MPD will be moving day patrol officers to cover traffic, hoping to increase police presence and cut-off fatal wrecks before they happen.

“We're not out here us against them type mentality. Police officers live here, they raise their families here, so they're part of the community and they want to make it safer for their own families.” Midland Police Lt. Brian Bogart said today.

The city of Midland did annex part of highway 191 and state highway 1788 this year, adding more high-speed ground to cover than ever before.

And Lt. Bogart is concerned for what he calls the up-coming “drinking season,” and the poor road conditions that come with winter.
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