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    Default FL: Orlando top 10 speeding spots

    Top 10 Orlando speeding ticket locations

    Pretty cool story where they look at how the top speeding spots don't always match the roads with the highest speeding related crash (what we already knew .)

    Lake Underhill is where I've taken some of the videos where they are basically shooting fish in a barrel (PSL 30, but most do 40+).

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    Default Re: FL: Orlando top 10 speeding spots

    And the White House says Fox doesn't report real news.

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    Default Re: FL: Orlando top 10 speeding spots

    OPD got busted on that one.
    The chief handled it well though by admitting some guilt.

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    Default Re: FL: Orlando top 10 speeding spots

    Now if I'm ever in Orlando with my jammer-equipped car, now I know where to go to test my countermeasures.

    And I'll add PL3 to the Radar Bands list for Orlando.
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

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    Default Re: FL: Orlando top 10 speeding spots

    We should email that story to Cheetah and put those locations on Trapster. I wish the news here listed the top ten speed-traps in my city. That was actually a worthwhile news story.

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    Default Re: FL: Orlando top 10 speeding spots

    Obviously, the accident rate is lower on the roads with the most enforcement.



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