New speed cameras for A38

Thursday, November 12, 2009, 10:03
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A STRETCH of the A38 will be manned by mobile speed cameras from next Monday after two fatalities and one serious injury.
Cameras will be placed on the major route at Catchfrench, between Tideford and Liskeard, in a bid to deter speeding.
There have been three serious accidents at the site since January 2008 and whilst surveying this site for enforcement, a Speed Detection Officer noted that, within the first five minutes, three cars were responsible for speed readings of 84mph, 86mph and 87mph respectively.
At the same time a light goods van, restricted to 50mph on this road, was recorded travelling at 90mph.
New signs have been installed alerting motorists to the cameras and reminding them of the speed limits.
Initially, the first enforcement site will be on the eastbound lay-by prior to Penquite Farm, approximately 450 metres past the end of the dual carriageway.
A further site will later be installed at the junction to Penquite House, on the westbound carriageway, approximately 750 metres from the end of the dual carriageway.
Each site will be enforcing traffic travelling in both directions.
Natalie Hatswell, Communications Manager for the Partnership, said “Whilst this extremely busy road is one of the main arterial routes into Cornwall, its configuration is one of bends and hills.
"It is vital for road users to realise that this particular stretch is a single carriageway NOT a dual carriageway.
"This means that cars and motorcycles are restricted to 60mph, Light Goods Vehicles 50mph and Heavy Goods Vehicles 40mph.
"A dual carriageway has to have a central reservation separating the carriageway being used by vehicles travelling in one direction, from the carriageway being used by vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.
"The definition of a ‘central reservation’ is any physical barrier in the centre of the road; so if there is only a strip of paint down the middle it is a single carriageway – irrespective of the number of lanes.”