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Police Conduct Hwy 62 Saturation

By Amy Sienicki

November 12, 2009

MEDFORD, Ore. - Dozens of drivers are facing traffic fines after a police saturation along Highway 62 Thursday.

Police patrolled the street from Medford to Eagle Point.

Traffic teams from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Oregon State Police, Medford and Eagle Point Police Department patrolled the highway.

This saturation focused on traffic violations. Police specifically focused on drivers who did not maintain a safe distance from an emergency vehicle.

During a four hour period 32 people were cited for not maintaining a safe distance.

"We're not out here just specifically for that. We're here for common violations... speeding, following too closely, driving erratically, especially in the slick rain conditions we have today," said Dep. Heath Kocina with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

This is the first time officers emphasized the Move Over Law, which helps protect law enforcement and emergency workers who are responding to an accident or other emergency.

The law states that drivers approaching a police car or emergency vehicle with its lights flashing must move over into another lane or slow down if they can not safely change lanes.

In the past 10 years more than 700 officers have been killed in a traffic incident nationwide. Many times, it has to do with drivers not paying attention to them on the side of the road.