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    Exclamation NJ - Totowa Police purchase radar gun, undercover car

    Totowa Police purchase radar gun, undercover car
    Thursday, November 19, 2009
    Passaic Valley Today
    TOTOWA Speeders beware, the borough's got a new radar gun.
    Responding to the complaints of several residents about drivers speeding on side streets police are taking steps to slow them down.
    "It's unfortunate we have this all over town: side streets with speeders," Mayor John Coiro said at last week's Borough Council meeting Coincidentally, Police Chief Robert Coyle said at the meeting, the department, just that day, purchased a handheld radar gun to help alleviate the problem.
    The mayor said in an interview the following day that the borough the following day put up two 25-mile-per hour speed limit signs on Wilson Avenue, one of the primary streets residents complained about at the meeting.
    The mayor says most of the problem has to do with increasing growth in the area.
    "As our town has developed and towns have developed around us. Our town has become a lot more of a commuter town," Coiro said. He explained that as the main streets become clogged people take side streets and do not reduce their speed. "We want to nip this in the bud."
    That is why, in addition to the new radar gun, Totowa police will soon be nabbing speeders with a new and less conspicuous police car.
    "We just have to outfit the thing with the stealth package," Coyle said. Although the chief didn't want to go into too much detail about the new car he did say, "It will have a lot of flashing lights on the dash and mirrors. It's very visible when the lights come on."
    This is a significant development for the borough's police force of 27.
    And what about the speeding on Wilson Avenue which residents at the meeting complained of?
    "It's one street that's probably going to get a little more attention," Coyle said.
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    Default Re: NJ - Totowa Police purchase radar gun, undercover car

    Or, save taxpayer's money, send the radar gun and 'less conspicuous' police cruiser back and have fully marked in your face cruisers patrolling these roads. It'll make the common person feel safer too.

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    Default Re: NJ - Totowa Police purchase radar gun, undercover car

    Apparently they intend to "save" taxpayer's money by collecting revenue on those side streets...
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

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    Default Re: NJ - Totowa Police purchase radar gun, undercover car

    Apparently they want to create for themselves a reputation as a speed trap town and drive away all the "commuters" and anyone else who may want to visit.

    There's a certain town near me that has a reputation for enforcement of ridiculously low speed limits and police that cruise around and look for chickensh*t minor violations. If I do have to pass through, I make sure to finish a drink first if I have one and give them nothing but the products of a bathroom break.



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