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    Default IRL: New Robot Multanova C radar vans get the go ahead.

    I recorded this clip off the RTE website after seeing this clip on the news here yesterday evening...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Multanova Speed Camera Vans[/ame]

    And from the RTÉ web-page..

    RTÉ News: Contract for mobile speed cameras signed

    The Government has announced the introduction of 45 new mobile speed cameras which it says will be on the roads all over the country by the middle of next year.
    The Minister for Justice, the Minister for Transport and the Garda Commissioner signed a €16m annual contract in Templemore today with the commercial company that will operate the system.
    The cameras were first promised 11 years ago and while Dermot Ahern accepted that there was a long delay, he said the cameras would save lives.
    The announcement was welcomed by the Road Safety Authority, which said in the last three years, speeding killed 157 people and injured 310.
    There are 8 of these already in use but so far I have not encountered one although that might change seeing as how they are planning to add 45 more to their arsenal.

    I guess I will have to take K band alerts a LOT more seriously here in future but I do hope to encounter one so I can see how the V1 does against them.

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    Default Re: IRL: New Robot Multanova C radar vans get the go ahead.

    Here too we have them for 6 months now . Never encountered them.

    They have fixed cam :
    One thing I dont understand is that my sti detect
    X-band very very weak when we are on them ...
    is it possible that they use X in 2009

    It is made by Robot traffic from Germany ,
    I would have tought they use K or even Ka .

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