Speed camera patrols in West Lothian

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Published Date: 24 November 2009
FROM Monday, November 30, mobile cameras will be operating at the following sites in Edinburgh and the Lothians.
A90 Cramond
Willowbrae Road
A70 Balerno
Comiston Road
Muirhouse Parkway
A89 Armadale
A899 Deer Park
A899 Lizzie Bryce
A71 Polbeth
A705 East Whitburn
A71 Breich
A706 Cairnie Place
A706 Longridge

The deployment schedule may be subject to change according to operational priorities.

Every year all existing and potential camera sites across Scotland are assessed according to strict guidelines set by the Scottish Safety Camera Programme. The guidelines are based on the number of casualties and collisions, length of site, type of camera and speed survey documentation.