Jacksonville Police Department announces S.T.E.P. grant

By Patriot Staff
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 10:14 AM CST
The Jacksonville Police Department has agreed to participate in the S.T.E.P. grant program, targeting impaired drivers and seatbelt violations to try to reduce the number of fatality accidents.

S.T.E.P. is defined as Selective Traffic Enforcement Program and refers to a program targeting specific traffic violations and behavior. While public information and education efforts help prevent some of these behaviors, enforcement is the key to reducing the incidents of these behaviors and the associated collisions.

Through Friday, the Jacksonville Police Department will be conducting a seatbelt enforcement mobilization, which is an ongoing movement statewide.

This year, the Jacksonville Police Department has received $46,000 in grant funding from the Arkansas State Police Highway Safety office, in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for S.T.E.P. enforcement. These funds will supplement existing patrols by adding additional, dedicated patrols to specific areas of the city at specific times through October 2010, as determined by collision analysis.