Scotland plans 7 million spend on new-style speed cameras

New dual-use digital cameras planned for Scottish road network
Posted: 30 November 2009
by Visordown News

THE SCOTTISH Safety Camera Programme (SSCP)is planning to spend over 7 million of taxpayers' money to convert the country's network of old-style fixed speed cameras to digital within the next seven years.

A total of 225 fixed cameras will need to be replaced within the next five to seven years; the new dual-use digital units will be able to capture speeders, as well as red light jumpers.

Gladys Cadden, manager of SSCP, said: "This is a major advance for road safety as it addresses the problem of drivers speeding up to beat the lights as well as those going through the signal."

Last month, the Conservative Party said they would scrap Labour's planned speed camera regime if the Tory's were successful at the next General Election. Read the story here.