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IN State Police: 24 hours To Move Abandoned Vehicles
Posted: Dec 06, 2009 6:43 PM EST
Updated: Dec 06, 2009 9:32 PM EST

If you've ever left a vehicle on the side of the road, Indiana's got a new law you need to know about. The state made changes to its law on abandoned cars and that means less time for you to fix the problem.

A breakdown can happen to anyone, but now you've got 48 fewer hours to handle it in Indiana. As of July 1st, abandoned vehicles will be towed if not moved within 24 hours. That's down from the 72 hours before changes took effect.

"Every hour at least, usually you'll find one," Indiana State Police Sergeant Manville Nagle said.

We spotted three abandoned vehicles in less than two hours Sunday afternoon, cars and trucks that were left behind by drivers and full of parts that are sometimes stolen by thieves.

"If they're nice wheels and tires, they're gone," Sgt. Nagle said of crime.

Orange stickers mark vehicles that are in danger of breaking the law. Those includes vehicles parked on public property illegally and those that get in the way of traffic.

"You can travel the interstate system in this district and go and just make a sweep and come back in another half hour and it'll be another abandoned vehicle," Nagle said. "We tow vehicles daily."

This time of year there are exceptions to the 24-hour rule. Particularly during times of inclement or severe winter weather. "Cold weather, cars break down more, we'll have a lot more on the road," Nagle said."If in any way they're close to the roadway, the actual travel portion, we'll remove it immediately," without waiting 24 hours.

Nagle said it helps reduce crime. "When we remove them faster, it helps a lot. They don't see the vehicle as much and they know that we're out there removing them quicker and the see our presence more," Nagle said about criminals.

If your vehicle is towed, you've got up to thirty days to reclaim it.