Broken Arrow police cracks down on holiday traffic violators

Last Update: 11/27 3:39 pm

(Jason Grubbs)

Broken Arrow police are putting the brakes on aggressive drivers.
Throughout the holiday season police are pumping up their visibility with a special focus on speeding and seat belt violators.
"Seat belts are a personal preference if i hit something and I die then it's my fault, right," said Trish Loghry who drives without her seat belt.
Officer Tim Collins says he's determined to break old habits.
Especially during the thanksgiving traveling period where accidents and fatalities are all too common.
"With the help Oklahoma Highway Safety traffic grant we have officers that will come out and work overtime shifts to enforce the laws and to keep the public safe," said Collins.
Officials are warning drivers to be patient in high traffic. Allow plenty of time to travel, and know if they get caught breaking the law, excuses won't save them from a ticket.
"Sometimes I forget. I know I should have it on. I know I will get pulled over eventually," said Kansas driver Cole Hoffmeister.
But police say they are unapologetic to drivers who repeatedly put the public in danger.
And they are dedicated to stopping the problem one violator at a time.
Not wearing a seat belt will cost around $20 dollars in Broken Arrow.
Speeding fines range from $100-$150 dollars.