QIB and Traffic Department Launch Driving Safety Campaign

Doha, Qatar - December 9, 2009 - QIB, Qatar's leading Islamic bank, and the country's traffic department have teamed up to launch a comprehensive domestic traffic safety campaign. The collaborative effort introduces Naseh, an educational cartoon character created exclusively for the campaign. The on-going promotion was designed to create awareness of traffic and safety rules in an effort to reduce the number of accidents occurring in Qatar. The character reminding drivers of safety and traffic laws, Naseh, is a representation of the traditional Qatari traffic officer. The safety campaign will place Naseh on sign boards, in advertisements and on radio and television spots. Initially appearing in Arabic and English, the campaign will evolve to include additional languages in an effort to reach all drivers in the country. Naseh will appear under traffic signals and signs in an effort to improve responsible driving by drawing drivers' attention to speed limits and stop or slow signs, in addition to others. Naseh will join the curriculum of local schools, appearing in books as well as on children's games such as chess boards and playing cards featuring police ranks and traffic rules.
QIB CEO, Mr. Salah Jaidah, commented on the Bank's partnership with the Traffic department, saying, "QIB has a long and successful relationship with Qatar's Traffic Department. It has always played an important role in the Bank's Community Social Responsibility programs and when the department approached QIB with this opportunity, we, of course, welcomed it. The campaign featuring Naseh is very creative and we believe it is our responsibility to help protect and serve the community in whatever manner we can. Naseh will also appear in each QIB branch to further expand the scope of this safety awareness."
Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Khargi, Traffic Department Director, said of the campaign, "We are happy to have QIB on board in this safety endeavor tailored for drivers and children, alike. It is important to ensure the safety of all of Qatar's citizens and residents and campaigns such as this current effort with QIB have proven very effective."

Press Release 2009
from Action Group Article originally published by Press Release 09-Dec-09