Those of you heading on down to Durban this holiday season might like to check out this list of N3 speed camera locations courtesy Lenzinfo. This strip of road is notorious for its police presence and zero-tolerance policy towards speeding, so this list might help you avoid a hefty fine or even arrest.
1. Driving on the highway can be enjoyable right until you reach the Weighbridge just after Heidelburg and this is where you got to be careful as the blighters hide in the bushes waiting to spoil your holidays just as you are getting into the holiday mood.
2. Now about 15km before Harrismith near some trees on the left be careful as there is a speed camera placed – drive within the speed limit and don’t smile as there is a camera ready to click you.
3. Now travel a little further and 10km before Harrismith opposite the Shell Garage there is another speed camera – stay within the speed limit.
4. Harrismith thrives on revenue from speed fines and the next one in Harrismith is situated just after the Wimpy under the bridge.
5. One normally makes a halfway stop at the Montrose Garage now just as you are deciding whether you will be having a burger or a bunny chow for the family be careful as a camera is situated just before you turn right into the entrance to the Montrose Garage.
6. Moving on after your break, watch out for the camera travelling towards the Van Reenen’s Pass as there is one just as you come to the Caltex Garage at Van Reenen’s Pass.
7. Now as you drive down the Van Reenen’s Pass at the 80km zone downhill watch out for the next camera.
8. Still going downhill on the Van Reenen’s Pass at the bottom of the pass another camera awaits you before the Penmot Hotel, after Wyform Farm sign.
9. Just as you have passed the Van Reenen’s Pass and approach a signboard that says Sand River Convention be careful as there is a camera waiting for you at the Zandspruit Stalls selling pecan nuts etc.
10. Thereafter you can drive with ease up to Colenso, as there is no speed cameras detected but be careful they might be just hiding in the bushes
12. From Colenso also it is easy driving to Mooi River as no cameras were detected but once again be careful the blighters might just appear magically from the bushes stopping you if you were over the speed limit.
13. There is a camera as you are approaching Howick be careful to detect that one.
14. Be careful as you reach the Balgowan/Curry Post signboard as the speed limit is 100kph and they normally trap on that section of the road.
15. On approaching Nottingham Road at the Midlands signboard watch out for the next speed camera.
16. The next camera is situated 22km away from Howick – watch out for that one, as there are no landmarks just be careful to spot that one
17. Approaching the Hilton signboard be careful, as there is a camera situated somewhere there.
18. After the turnoff for Peter Brown Road going downhill towards Pietermaritzburg watch for another speed camera.
19. The next one to watch out for is after the Chatterton Road turnoff – be careful.
20. Now when you are in Pietermaritzburg and you are passing the New England Road turnoff watch out for the speed camera after that turnoff.
21. Drive on until you see the Pinetown 49km signboard and watch out for the speed trap in that vicinity.
22. Thereafter still travelling towards Pinetown watch for the signboard that reads Pinetown 37km – a camera is erected somewhere there.
23. Travelling further when you reach the Cato Ridge signboard – a camera is erected somewhere there.
24. And finally after you pass the Marian Hill Toll Plaza and just before the Richmond/Marian Hill Road signboard just to spoil your holidays the next camera is waiting for you