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    Default New York State Police: Buckle Up NY Stats

    Latest ?Buckle Up New York? initiative deemed successful - | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information - Dunkirk | The Observer

    Latest ‘Buckle Up New York’ Initiative Deemed Successful
    POSTED: December 14, 2009

    ALBANY - The New York State Thruway Authority and New York State Police Troop T today announced the statewide seat belt enforcement initiative, "Buckle Up New York," held from Nov. 16-29 was a success.

    "The Authority is committed to retaining the Thruway's excellent safety record," said Thruway Authority Executive Michael R. Fleischer. "The Authority and State Police Troop T will continue with education and enforcement efforts to improve seat belt compliance along the New York State Thruway."

    During last month's 14-day stepped-up enforcement period, Members of Troop T issued 4,516 occupant restraint tickets to Thruway motorists violating the law.

    Major Robert C. Meyers, State Police Troop T Commander, pleased that the Thanksgiving holiday was safe for the motorists said, "The Members of Troop T continue their commitment to public safety and wish that motorists remain aware of the laws which contribute to their own and others' safety."

    In 2008, State Police Troop T issued approximately 16,208 tickets to motorists not wearing their seat belts while traveling the Thruway.

    As of Nov. 24, New York State's Child Restraint Law changed; the new requirements are:

    All children must be restrained in an appropriate child restraint system while riding in a motor vehicle, until they reach their 8th birthday.

    An appropriate child restraint system is one that meets the child's size and weight recommended by the manufacturer.

    The safety belt in your vehicle is not designed for children.

    A booster seat raises your child up so that the safety belt fits your child correctly and provides better protection.

    For more information visit the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee Web site at Safe New York or visit the New York State Police's Web site at Page not Found.

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    Default Re: New York State Police: Buckle Up NY Stats

    Good deal... I have no problems with LEO stringently enforcing seat-belt laws, especially on the thruway.

    It is not that I care about the idiots who don't wish to wear their seat-belt, as Darwin will take care of them, but rather, it allows the said idiot to control their car under emergency-situations at such high-speeds much more effectively, thereby possibly saving the lives of many around them.

    It also sounds like they were letting drivers know of the new laws about restraining a child safely and properly... which again, I don't care about the numbskull adult who does want to wear their belt, but a 4 year old who doesn't understand the risks vs reward factor needs a parent who is vigilant with protecting their kids like that.

    Good job Troop T!

    The only thing that would concern me is that a New-Law the troopers could enforce came out mid-operation. That to me seems a bit sketchy, and I hope they warned more motorists about the new child-laws then ticketed them... because that just seems a bit sketchy, to enforce a law that comes out 1/2 through the blitz of an operation.
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