Speed Cameras Being Removed in Montgomery Co.
posted 12/14/09 11:12 pm

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GAITHERSBURG, Md. - At least two speed cameras are coming down in Montgomery County (web | news) . The cameras are located on Quince Orchard Boulevard and Watkins Mill Road in Gaithersburg.

The speed cameras along Quince Orchard Boulevard are working so well that the police are thinking about relocating them. Police have already turned off cameras in another part of the city because drivers are getting the message to slow down.

The speed cameras on Watkins Mill Road in Gaithersburg were turned off a couple months ago thanks to their success. After two years at the location, police say the cameras, which ticket cars going more than 12 miles per hour over the posted limit, worked so well that tickets and collisions have dropped some 20 percent of late. ABC 7 Talkback:
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Police Chief John King says with those kinds of results he can move the fixed machines elsewhere.

"There have been a lot of advances in the law enforcement field in the use of technology. This is one that has really has proved it's worth," said Police Chief John King.

Residents we spoke with say they've witnessed a difference.

"The cars are slowing down so actually the cameras work," said one resident.

Darryl Taylor appreciates this law enforcement safety tool.

He told us, "It's good. It does the right thing and slows the traffic down."

Taylor was ticketed while driving this residential street. Ironically, he lives very close to Gaithersburg's newest speed cameras, which were installed this fall along Rockville Pike near Deer Park Avenue. It's a busy road his son travels often.

"It's doing it's job. In my opinion, in my eyes, it's doing it's job. I appreciate it," said Taylor.

Authorities say the city's other fixed speed cameras, located along Quince Orchard Boulevard, have slowed enough drivers down that this devices may also be shut down.

Don't think you can get away with speeding in these areas after the fixed cameras are turned off or moved. The city also has several mobile units that can be placed anywhere they think people are speeding to excess.