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    Post Ever Wonder What’s in a Red Light Camera Box?


    Ever Wonder What’s in a Red Light Camera Box?Inside a Red Light Camera

    Ever wonder what’s in a Redflex Red Light Camera box? We recently caught a glimpse while a Redflex technician was servicing the unit at 83rd Ave & Union Hills. All of the equipment is jumbled and laying haphazardly inside of the unit. Click on the pictures for a closer view.
    Inside a Red Light Camera 2

    Illegal Parking

    Of course, since Reflex is above the law, they have no problem with breaking the city ordinances in order to save a few steps. In Peoria, it’s illegal to park in the public right away and to obstruct a sidewalk. Nevermind the fact that there’s a Circle K parking lot he could have used just a few yards to the West, but that would have required the technician to have to walk a few more steps.
    Camera Glass

    And if you ever wondered how thick the glass is, here’s your answer.
    After the technician finished servicing the unit, you’d expect that he’d be required to test the system to make sure it’s all working correctly, but you’d be wrong. Equipment accuracy and functionality has never been important in the quest for profits. The technician finished servicing a piece of equipment, placed it back inside of the unit, and sped away without performing any apparent testing on the system.

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    Default Re: Ever Wonder What’s in a Red Light Camera Box?

    Nice. I love the power strip in there.



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