New Hills speed cameras ready for action

18 Dec 09 @ 01:45pm by BEV JORDAN

A HI-TECH “safety camera” is about to be switched on at one of the Hills’ worst blackspots and is likely to provide a fine bonanza to the RTA.
The digital camera was installed at the busy junction at Showground Rd, Victoria Ave and Greens Rd at Castle Hill some months ago but is still being tested.
No fines have been issued so far.
An RTA spokesman said the camera, which detects both red light and speeding offences, will be fully operational “early next year” but would not confirm a date.
The Castle Hill camera is one of the first of the new design cameras to be installed in NSW.
While there are no “speed camera” warning signs on approaches to the busy junction there will be a “safety camera” alert signs. The RTA website also lists all camera locations.
Transport Minister David Campbell said motorists who ran red lights and were speeding risked lives and deserved to face “the full force of the law”.
“Speeding through a red light is one of the most dangerous things you can do on our roads and the consequences for yourself and innocent motorists could be deadly”.
An RTA spokesman said research had shown that locations where speed cameras had been installed, fatal crashes are reduced by 90 per cent and casualty crashes by 23 per cent.
The revenue raised will go towards the installation and maintenance of the cameras and other road safety initiatives.
The first 50 safety camera sites, including the junction of Windsor Rd and Seven Hills Rd at Baulkham Hills and Pennant Hills Rd and Copeland Rd, West Pennant Hills, will be installed by June.