Traffic police postpones launch of speed camera system to 2010

21.12.2009, 14:01
Police Board said that although it has installed all 16 speed cameras in Tallinn-Tartu motorway, no fines would be issued by end of 2009.
According to ERR, at first the police planned to launch the system in early December, but because of software problems, it has decided to postpone it.
"I cannot say a specific date, but it will not be in 2009. We will notify the public well in advance," said the press spokespersonof the Police Board.
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The delay is bad news for the finance ministry which expects to raise significant amount of money from speeding tickets in the budget.
By new regulations, motorists driving faster than 97 km per hour in the 90-km speed limit zone would be fined. Early tests showed that one in every ten motorists exceeded the speed limit and would have been fined.