Traffic tickets could be voided if one council member has his way

By KGNS News

Story Created: Jan 3, 2010
Story Updated: Jan 3, 2010

Anyone who received a traffic citation at san Augustine Plaza during the month of December may soon breathe a sigh of relief.
This after one city council member asks that all tickets issued last month be voided.
Annette Garcia has the.
Raul Ramos, Received citation
“All we said was bye and see you next time ... that’s why I came to find out exactly where I got a ticket for obstruction of traffic.”
Raul Ramos says it took all about 30 seconds to drop off a family member at san Augustin Plaza back on December 9th ... but a month later.... he's receiving a ticket in the mail.
“35 dollares no es tanto el dinero es el accion no tengo ningun ticket.”
Its 35 dollars but it not so much the money ... its the action. It wasn’t made clear. I don’t have a single ticket or citation on my record.
The citation is one of many police issued last month ... after an initiative to keep traffic flowing at the downtown plaza.
Efforts protestors claimed and were outright wrong.
Annette Garcia,
“The orange cones are now gone ... but dozens of tickets still remain ... now councilman Michael Landeck says he wants to see each and every ticket voided.”
Michael Landeck, Council member
“I don’t think people should be punished and pay so much money just because there is a confusion around the issue.”
“I understand there were hundreds of tickets issued to people and i really think this issue is not closed.”
Landeck says he's unsure of the exact legality involving voiding tickets... but thinks there are enough tools to help turn a mistake around.
“We can sure ask the administration and legal department to take it into consideration.”
Motorists hope he can.
“30 segundos de que dejas a la persona no es justo.”
For 30 seconds to just drop off a person... This isn’t just.
Annette Garcia, Pro 8 News
The issue is going before city council tomorrow afternoon.
Landeck is also asking several groups to attend and try to clear up some of the concerns with the traffic initiative.