Montgomery Co. Adding More Cameras to Catch Savvy Drivers
posted 01/13/10 6:39 am

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Montgomery County (web | news) , Md. - Like it or not, Montgomery County's speed cameras are working in the state. But officials say drivers are getting wise to where they are, which has resulted in a drop in revenue. And now, the county is considering adding more mobile cameras that can be moved from location to location to catch those savvy drivers.

"When I saw it I thought oh no big brother is watching again," said one commuter.

"Speed cameras, they are useless... Speed up right after they pass the lines," added Sergio Ramos, commuter. Talkback:
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Since fixed cameras are nabbing fewer speeders, Montgomery County is considering adding six mobile speed cameras to its fleet. Right now, the county already has six mobile cameras and 60 fixed cameras.

Officials say they expect to issue 287,492 fewer tickets than the more than 650,000 planned-- cutting revenue by nearly $12 million. But they are hoping the increased mobility will close the looming shortfall.

Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson recently decided to scrap putting fixed cameras in school zones, partly because of low expected revenues from fixed cameras. Instead, he is considering using six to eight mobile cameras.

The District has 10 fixed cameras and 12 mobile cameras that can be deployed in two dozen locations. Speed cameras are not used in Virginia.