New Radar Will Take Photo Of Speeding Drivers

Speeders beware, the Policía de Tránsito is targeting you and with new radar equipment, that in addition to checking speed, also takes a photo of the driver and notes the license plate number, time and date, the location of the infraction and the direction of the vehicle.

Huanelge Gutiérrez, sub-director of the Policía de Tránsito, explained that the new units will help reduce speeding and curb traffic fatalities.

Gutiérrez said that in many cases, speeding motorists do not heed to the indications of the officer to pull over, making it difficult to fine the offender, while many others refuse to sign the ticket and then appeal it.

With the new system, Gutiérrez said the Policía de Tránsito can now provide the traffic courts with all the details of the infraction, including a photo of the driver.

However, speeders can rest easy for a bit longer, because the units won't be on the country's roads for a while.

The Policía de Tránsito has just commencing the process of purchasing the units, which includes budget approval by the Consejo de Seguridad Vial (Cosevi).

Each unit costs ¢7 million colones (us$12.000 at today's exchange rate).

Gutiérrez said that the plan is to buy 10 units and have them in the hands of the traffic officials within the next four months, shortly after the introduction of the New Ley de Tránsito that takes effect on March 1, 2010, if not postponed again. The new law was to have taken effect on September 23, 2009, but pushed back after problems were encountered with some clauses in the legislation.

The new law in addition to imposing higher fines, it also introduces a point system and suspension of the drivers license of repeat offenders.

"It is a matter of need. We want to have more sophisticated equipment", said Gutiérrez.

Microdigicam radar in use in Brazil
Laser speed enforcement + digital imaging + electronic data collection!
The Micro Digi-Cam (MDC) has taken speed enforcement to a whole new level. This system is a combination of a LTI laser speed device, a full-color digital camera, and an electronic data collector with software which makes the integration completely seamless.

Micro Digi-Cam used as a photo lidar system for speed enforcement

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