Bountiful police to get motorcycles

By Joseph M. Dougherty
Deseret News

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010 3:14 p.m. MST
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BOUNTIFUL The Bountiful Police Department will receive its first patrol motorcycles this summer.
Bountiful Police Chief Tom Ross said he expects to order the two Harley-Davidson police-package bikes next week with $35,770 from the federal Highway Safety Grant. They should arrive in 60 days.
The motorcycles will sport radar units and will help the police department have a better road presence in Bountiful, Ross said Tuesday.
Motorcycles can maneuver more easily through crowded city streets during parades or other special events than a patrol car, he said. They can park near crowded intersections to catch moving violations more safely than a patrol car, as well.
Ross said he hopes the two bikes will serve as a visual reminder for Bountiful motorists to drive safely, but he acknowledged that one of the most stinging reminders comes in the form of citations.
"Our goal is to deter violations and curb accidents," Ross said.
Two police officers will be selected for the department's motors squad and will undergo two weeks of motorcycle training, he said.
Eventually, Ross hopes to have six to eight officers trained to use patrol motorcycles.
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Currently, the department has a handful of off-road motorcycles, which are only used for sporadic enforcement issues in Bountiful's foothills.