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    Default Prescott Valley police look into photo radar for Highway 69

    PRESCOTT, Ariz. The Prescott Valley Police Department is looking into the potential for using photo radar to reduce speeding on state Highway 69, nicknamed "Blood Alley."
    The commander of the Prescott Valley Police Department Field Services Division says he recently checked out the photo radar system that the city of Scottsdale will use along the Loop 101 freeway.

    Prescott Valley officials think the system would be cost-effective and a strong deterrent to speeders.

    An A-DOT engineer says he understands the Legislature must enact a law to allow the use of photo radar on a state highway.

    But he adds that if Prescott Valley makes a strong enough appeal, lawmakers may grant the town permission without having to wait for an evaluation of the Scottsdale project.


    Information from: The Daily Courier
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    Good luck with that. Prescott's so far back in the woods that the system may actually cost more to set up than it would bring in, whereas Scottsdale's system will pay for itself within a month or so.



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