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    Post IL - Naperville reducing red-light camera late fees

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    Default Re: IL - Naperville reducing red-light camera late fees

    "I do think public acceptability has a lot to do with this program and scaling back the late fee is going to go in the right direction just to confirm we have safety as our paramount interest and we really don't want to use this as a way of squeezing money out of people," Councilman Robert Fieseler said.
    please who is this guy trying to fool.

    $100 fine plus a $100 late fee reduced to $50 late fee. come on even the crooked credit card companies don't charge that much for a late fee and they are all about squeezing money out of people. this guy should do stand up because he is hilarious and a clown.

    Councilmen Jim Boyajian and Grant Wehrli were the two "no" votes. Wehrli said while he doesn't support using the cameras for right-on-red violations, he believes they are necessary for people who are blatantly speeding through intersections after the light has turned yellow.
    last time I checked it was legal to continue through an intersection with a yellow light.

    The latest crash data from Naperville police shows total crashes at the intersection of Route 59 and North Aurora Road were down 13.7 percent during the period of January through November 2009 compared to the three-year average. Angle crashes were down 31.4 percent, rear-end crashes dropped 8.9 percent and other crashes fell 19.2 percent. Injury crashes were down 20 percent.
    golly gee, crashes are down because traffic is down on that road. the only reason people go that way is to go to the mall. that road is bumper to bumper from the highway all the way till you get to the mall every day all day long.

    it really ticks me off when they list ALL the crash data for an intersection when they want to use it for their point.
    but how many of those crashes happened during green lights?
    how many happened during yellow lights?
    how many were weather related?
    how many were DUI related?

    how many were actually red light related and of those did the # go down?
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