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    Default Florida Highway Patrol: Trooper Arrested

    WSVN-TV - Trooper arrested for issuing bogus tickets

    Trooper Arrested For Issuing Bogus Tickets

    Posted: Today at 6:35 pm EST
    Last Updated: Today at 7:00 pm EST

    MIAMI (WSVN) -- A state trooper has been arrested after prosecutors said he wrote nearly 100 fake traffic citations.

    The Florida Highway Patrol arrested fellow trooper Paul Lawrence on 22 counts of official misconduct. "When one officer, trooper, does what this trooper did, it impacts on all of us," said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle. "It reflects on all of us. Honesty, integrity, there's the central fundamental values of any police officer agency."

    Click the link to read the full story...very interesting.

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    Default Re: Florida Highway Patrol: Trooper Arrested

    I don't think it'll be all that interesting until the investigation is complete and we find out how he got away with it for so long and why he did it and just what pushed things over the edge to revoke the tickets and issue refunds.



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