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    Default Montana Highway Patrol: Teen Caused Serious Accident

    Woman admits causing accident that injured 3

    Woman Admits Causing Accident That Injured 3
    Posted: Tuesday, February 2, 2010 11:15 pm

    A 19-year-old woman admitted Tuesday to causing a rollover crash that injured three passengers.

    Ashley Marie Ray appeared before District Judge Russell Fagg and pleaded guilty to felony criminal endangerment for a crash Jan. 17, 2009, on Sportsman Park Road. A plea agreement calls for her to receive a three-year deferred sentence at a hearing scheduled for April 9.

    Ray was driving a 1993 GMC Jimmy when, according to court records, she lost control of the vehicle, which went off the road, went through a fence and rolled nearly four times. Two of the passengers were ejected and received serious injuries.

    The passengers told a Montana Highway Patrol trooper that Ray was texting and speeding while driving on the gravel road. She was causing the vehicle to fishtail when she lost control and crashed, the passengers said. The group was smoking marijuana, and just before the crash Ray told her passengers, “Hey guys, watch this,” court records state.

    Click the link to read the rest of the story of this retarded girl.

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    Default Re: Montana Highway Patrol: Teen Caused Serious Accident

    So this 19 yr old Dumb Arse decides to Text/going too fast on a gravel road/and made a beavis/butthead comment "hey guys watch this" Throw the biIIIItch in jail if you ask me.

    And then try to pull a ex Pres Bill Clinton line by saying she only pretended to smoke from a marijuana pipe. WTF
    She also lied about it by telling the cops that the rear wheel fell off, hang this idiot up by the toenails, stupid is as stupid does type behavior.

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    Default Re: Montana Highway Patrol: Teen Caused Serious Accident

    Countersteer, Pause, Recover. I know that because I may have engaged in similar antics on a gravel road, but I didn't do while high and texting with at least two unbelted passengers.

    On a lighter note,

    Ashley Marie Ray appeared before District Judge Russell Fagg...
    I can only imagine what drove him to seek a position of power.
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