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    Default Snowmobiler dies in crash

    My friend and I happened to drive by right after this happened.
    They were in the processes of pulling a car off the river.
    We watched as they took the guy off the ice and put him in the Ambulance.

    A man in his early 20s died Wednesday when he was clotheslined by a tow-truck cable while driving a snowmobile on the Belle River, police said.

    The Cottrellville Township man, who has not been identified pending family
    notification, was driving a yellow Ski-Doo southbound on a section of the Belle River next to Woodland Cemetery when he struck the cable, which was stretched across the frozen waterway.

    Full story here.

    Snowmobiler dies in crash | | The Times Herald

    Some of the comments by readers were how speed kills no matter what you are driving.

    Why do people have to speed on their snowmobiles? Has no one learned yet that, SPEED KILLS...PERIOD!!!! So let's all blame it on speed if we need to blame anything.
    More reader comments here.

    UPDATE: Snowmobiler dies from accident on Belle River | | The Times Herald
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