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    Post OH - Traffic cam violators could be getting the boot

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    Default Re: OH - Traffic cam violators could be getting the boot

    Another article to "fix"... I'll just include snippets to avoid the wrath of the "copyright police"

    “Simply we started this to help reduce accidents,” said Don Kenney, Deputy Chief for the Toledo Police Department.
    Suuure.... read on...
    Former Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner planned on collecting $2.5 million in fines in 2009.
    Planned on collecting a certain amount? Right after saying "we started this to help reduce accidents"
    “We want to be able to tow a vehicle for two or more unpaid fines after the date of the appeal has past,” said Kenney.
    What a bunch of retards. People realize they're being fleeced and they'll get TOWED for it? It's not like they're hogging a parking space here.
    Police officers met with the city council today to discuss that and other ways of collecting the money from drivers who ignore the ticket.
    Once again, proof that REVENUE is the motive. But then, if it was about SAFETY, they would post a real LEO at the problem intersection and not a camera, and he would issue WARNINGS.
    They have a goal to collect $1.2 million this year from people who get caught by traffic cameras.
    Revenue goal! (Man, this is more fun than the old "punch buggy" game!)
    “I don’t think they’re criminals, I just think they’re people who don’t want to part with the money, but they know it’s there, they know the speed limit, and they know to stop for a red light.”
    I'm sure the speed limits are underposted, and what do you want to bet the yellow lights are too short too?? And I'm sure they have "no right turn on red" in places where it's unneeded too, and issuing camera tickets to "violators".

    Man, if I lived there and I got "booted" for a camera ticket I'd be hacksawing that boot off and shoving it up the mayor's... well you know...
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