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    Default CHP assists Toyota Prius with stuck accerlator

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    Default Re: CHP assists Toyota Prius with stuck accerlator

    Quote Originally Posted by OpenRoad View Post
    The don't have a key so it gets confusung

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    Default Re: CHP assists Toyota Prius with stuck accerlator

    How about just placing the trans in Neutral?

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    Default Re: CHP assists Toyota Prius with stuck accerlator

    Pretty obvious to me this Toyota issue is software.

    1. ABS is tied into computer.
    2. Fuel mapping and throttle position sensor tied into computer.

    all it would take is one pissed ex Toyota programmer to drop in a bug in the software for all these models that under certain conditions tells the fuel injection to go wide open, and the brakes ABS to cycle like on ice, significantly lowering their stopping power etc...

    This of course only happens when all the criteria is met that the programmer installed in the bug. This is why it is so hard for Toyota to reproduce. Its like the lottery out there, when will the next Toyota hit on those parameters and go speeding away with little to no brakes?
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    Default Re: CHP assists Toyota Prius with stuck accerlator

    Man, Toyota is certainly having a bad year!

    It sure does look like Toyota is having computer problems. Designing an auto system where a computer controls critical functions like brakes and acceleration (cruise control?) is IMO a dangerous flawed concept.

    Reminds me of the movie '2001 A Space Odyssey'



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